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Artist 10 (2nd Gen)

10.1-inch FHD fully-laminated display, 88% Adobe RGB
X3 empowered stylus, 3 grams initial activation force
Available in four colors (Black, Blue, Red, and Green)


Dive Into Digital Wonderland

Your first and best gear in the digital art journey

Merge to Digital Drawing Smoothly

Render the touch of natural feeling. Enter the era of digital creating.

Natural Paper-like Drawing Experience

Give a kick-off to your digital art career with a pro pen display. Enjoy your natural visual experience with full lamination screen, 8192 pressure sensitivity level, and a wide color gamut at 120% sRGB*.

IPS-ADS Technology

220 cd/m2 brightness

8 bit color depth

178º visible viewing angle

1000:1 contrast ratio

Anti-glare Screen

The matte eye-caring screen reduces the light interference from the environment, allowing you to get into your flow without blockades.

No Parallax Error

The full lamination screen avoids parallax errors between the stylus nib and cursor, positioning every single stroke precisely.

Amazing Touch

Paper-like surface provides with natural experience of traditional drawing.

Realistic. Sensitive. Durable.

X3 smart chip endues the stylus with a natural and precise drawing experience, with extra stability and durability, letting your creativity spark ongoingly.

Life span

Twice as long as the current life span*

Initial activation force

As low as 3g*, 10 times higher in sensitivity

Retraction distance

As short as 0.6mm*, half of the original retraction distance

3g IAF*(Initial Activation Force)

0.6 mm
Retraction distance

Supports 60° tilt recognition

8192 pen pressure levels

Grab and Go, Plug and Play

Capture your passing thoughts anytime, anywhere with a portable tablet and a phone! Artist 10 2nd supports Android phone connection via the full-featured Type-C cable(available as add-on purchase).

Incredibly Applicable in Various Occasions

More than a drawing display! With extended screen display and screen protection, you can discover countless uses such as creation, games, movies, entertainment, etc.

Switch Freely between Display and Tablet

Pen display or pen tablet? No need to make a choice! You can switch different modes freely to get a suitable way for drawing!

Extensive Compatibility. Infinite Possibility

Compatible with Windows 7 (or later), Mac OS X 10.10 (or later), Android(USB3.1 DP1.2), Chrome OS 88  (or later), and Linux. Support various drawing and design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator, SAI, CDR, GIMP, Krita, etc.

For more free design softwares. Check the List

Match Your Styles with Colors

Colors in your canvas, but also your workspace. Show your personality with 4 trendy colors – black, blue, pink and green.

Shortcut to Your Comfort Zone

Artist 10(2nd Gen)drawing display features 6 customizable shortcut keys. Choose the functions yourself to simplify your work and empower your productivity.

Flexible Alternatives & Easy Connection

The standard 3-in-1 cable allows regular connection to PC. The full-featured Type-C port also enables easier link with laptops and Android devices, returning you with a tidy table.(Add-on option.Grab your Type-C cable at the checkout!)

3-in-1 cable connection

*The power adapter is not included in the package and is sold separately.

USB-C connection

* The USB-C cable is not included in the package and is sold separately.

Smartphone connection

*The power adapter and USB-C cable are not included in the package and are sold separately.

Professional Digital Drawing Performance

200 RPS

60º tilt recognition

8192 pen pressure levels

10 mm reading height

5080 LPI resolution

EMR technology

Item Size (Inch)
299 x 173.3 x 12.9 mm
Item Weight(LB)
Working Area (Inch)
224.49 x 126.7 mm
Pen Pressure
Express Keys
Display Resolution
1920 x 1080
Color Gamut
85% NTSC, 120% sRGB, 88% Adobe RGB
Pen Model
X3 Elite
Tilt Support
✓ ( 60 degrees )
Full Lamination
±0.5 mm (center), ±1 mm (corner)
Reading Height
10 mm
Interface support
1 x full-featured USB-C, 1 x USB-C
Viewing Angle
Power Supply Input
DC 5V/2A
Windows 7 (or later), MAC OS 10.10 (or later) Chrome OS 88 (or later) Android USB3.1 DP1.2, Linux


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